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Julie Hussman MA
Julie Hussman MA


If this is your first visit to my site, I am glad you made it here. If you have been here before I hope you are able to locate the information you need. Often it’s not easy to be in the place where you decide to seek help. Looking at a therapy website, might be akin to dipping your toe in the water unsure of how it might feel. I understand the courage it takes to place a phone call to setup an appointment and I don’t take that phone-call lightly.

Through my private practice I support the efforts of my clients to make sense out of what is troubling them. Sometimes, it is a parent-child relationship, sometimes it is an adult relationship, and sometimes it is a life event or change. Regardless of the reason, I look forward to your call and to sorting out how I might be of help. Please take the time to explore the specific areas of my website that apply to you.
 Julie Hussman